Riverfront Camping in NC

Why Riverside Primitive Camping
is an awesome Dan River Adventure at Floatery


Needs to be safe and comfortable at a minimum. We designed our riverside
camping to be as close to Nature as possible but still near eateries and convenience
stores within walking distance.  All the main
areas and entrances have cameras to ward off anyone not allowed on the property
in the evenings after tubing has ended.  Being
situated along the banks of the Dan River in Madison NC, we pride ourselves in
unique stays and adding items to the campground yearly.  What’s better than a fun day of tubing,
playing in shallow water, cooking out, and then sleeping under the stars?

What to bring

Camping: The right tent for you should take in two main considerations:
sizing and season rating. Sizing is usually based on how many people a tent can
sleep and we charge by the person so you can use as big a tent as you would
like in your spot, and if comfort is the goal, bigger is always better. Season
ratings indicate in what seasons the tent works best, and most are generally
three-season tents, which means you can use them in the spring, summer, and
fall. A four-season tent will cover the winter, with extra weather protection
and heat retention which you would not need given we are only open from May to

A sleeping bag has the same considerations as a tent. Three-season
bags are suitable for hot and cold temperatures and are identifiable by their
temperature rating, which will display a range of 15 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
Sleeping pads, which are just cushioned pads, can be used in conjunction with a
sleeping bag to provide extra comfort and insulation, but can also be used on
their own as a bed.  Even if its 90
degrees during the day, our Riverside Camping can become chilly, so make sure
to bring an extra blanket if you get cold.

We do allow you to drive
to your camping spot to unload your vehicle. 
Most spots you can park directly at your camp area, however a few you
will need to park in the Camping Parking which is still easy access if needed.

but essential:
 Don’t forget a flashlight or headlight, batteries, a lighter
(for a campfire), a first aid kit, bug repellent, sunscreen, charging for your
phones and extra clothing.

Leave no
trace: We want to leave places better than we found them, so it’s crucial
to avoid littering and place your trash in the bins provided throughout the property.

Restrooms:  We
have event porta johns on site for tubers and campers.

Showers: We
provide, at additional charge, a unit called Geyser for being able to shower at
your campsite.  Be sure to google that device
prior to your stay.

Budget: We keep our
rates reasonable.  We do not wish to “Pack
you in” in the name of profit.  We want
you to escape the world a bit.  Our rates
are $20 per person. 

What to eat

basics: If you’re planning on making food on-site we do provide Blackstone
grills (you must supply the propane tank). 
As for cookware, pots, pans, plates, and utensils are other things that
you might have to bring along depending on what you plan on eating. Bring what
cookware you can from home and purchase recyclable versions of what you can’t.

No fuss
cooking: You don’t have to bring food while camping if you don’t want to,
and can just as easily bring sandwiches from home. Another option is to avoid
grocery shopping altogether and purchase grilling kits that are geared toward
campers from Floatery.

your distance: 
We are a Registered NC Wildlife Preserve with an abundance of
wildlife.  Should you encounter deer or
any other animal, please leave them be.

Watch the flames: Fire hazards abound when it
comes to using open flames in the outdoors.  We provide campfire rings and the first night’s
wood bundle.  Never leave campfires
unattended, always put it out, and make sure it’s completely extinguished
before going to sleep.