Tubing Madison NC with Friends after Riverside Camping that night

20 Reason Why Summer Tubing Trips Are the Best

Have you considered taking a tubing trip this summer? Southern Texas offers all the raw ingredients needed to enjoy this family-friendly adventure, from cool river waters to a warm inviting sun. There are so many reasons to take a summer tubing trip that we could write a novel on the subject. For the sake of brevity, we’ll list only our favorite twenty.

1. See the Outdoors From a New Angle

The scenery along a river is unlike that in cities and hiking trails. You’ll get to see sights that are inaccessible from the land.

2. Beat the Summer Heat

Southern Texas heat can be overbearing in the summer. River tubing is a comfortable way to stay cool without staying under the air conditioning.

3. Quality Time with Family and Friends

River tubing is a great chance to talk and bond with other people in a low stress setting. Build camaraderie that will last a lifetime in a summer river tubing trip.

4. A Day of Relaxation

Modern life is stressful; even modern vacations can be a trial. Leave the anxiety behind for a day or more and simply enjoy living.

5. Bring the Kids and Pets

So many fun summer activities are not safe for children or pets. Children age five and up will love tubing, as will many dogs. There’s no need to get a babysitter to enjoy a day of tubing.

6. Affordable Fun

Tubing is one of the most affordable outdoor sports, well within most people’s budgets. No expensive equipment or lessons are needed!

7. Safety First!

Tubing is one of the safest river activities. The current is gentle and slow, and you are on a sturdy flotation device. People who worry about their swimming skills may wear life vests.

8. Stop and Smell the Roses

There are many scenic areas to disembark for a few minutes along our tubing paths, including swimming holes with rope swings. Tubing is not goal-oriented or fast-paced.

9. No Skill Necessary

While many water sports require special skills, tubing is as easy as getting into a tube and going with the flow.

10. Gentle Exercise

Some core muscles are needed to control a tube properly. Your arms and legs will also
get a gentle workout from paddling.

11. Enjoy a Variety of Terrain

Texas rivers wind along desert, brush, and a variety of interesting outdoor landscapes. There is no easier way to experience the varied nature of Southern Texas.

12. Step Away From the Screens

Do you spend much of your life on a smart phone, computer, or in front of the television? A tubing trip is a great chance to unplug for a while.

13. Learn to Love the Outdoors

Many modern people have forgotten how to enjoy being in nature. Tubing in beautiful Southern Texas is the antidote.

14. Choose Your Difficulty

There are sections of river that are gentle and slow, but others that are more challenging. You can choose how much whitewater and current you wish to encounter.

15. Alcohol Allowed

Very few river activities are conducive to a cold beer. You can always enjoy a cold one, in moderation, while tubing.

16. Outtakes Guaranteed!

There are always funny moments on a river tubing trip.

17. Make Memories

Whether you bring a camera (make it waterproof!) or just your own brain cells, a summer tubing trip is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

18. Little Planning Needed

Shanty Tubes will handle many of the details for you. Just bring yourself, some basic supplies for the day, and let us handle the heavy equipment and logistics.

19. Catch a Tan

Between the bright Texas sunshine and the light reflected off the water, you can definitely tan if you wish. If not, simply layer on some sunscreen and a hat.

20. Tubing Is Fun!

The most important reason to take a summer tubing trip is the fun! There is nothing quite like a day on the river.