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Despite our competitors many rescue calls, including a fatality, adding to the “Tubing is Dangerous” narritive, without transparency, we have had limited incidents and provide the details of those incidents to use as a learning aid for other customers. We are aware accidents can happen and this is why safety will always come first at Floatery.  If done correctly, River Tubing is a safe and exciting Summer activity that many enjoy year after year. Do your research and choose wisely is the best advise when it comes to River Tubing Safety.


We Learn from Others

We will never mention names, however we will include details of  any accident and what went wrong.


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While river tubing is generally safe, accidents can happen. Knowledge of past incidents and understanding the common causes of tubing accidents can inform better safety practices, significantly reducing the likelihood of mishaps. 

With these unfortunate events, they serve as a stark reminder of the river’s unpredictability and the essential need for vigilance, underscoring the importance of preparing for and understanding the risks associated with river tubing.

ALWAYS listen and pay attention when the safety presentation is being given, regardless of your past experience.

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The process is easy!


Show up 15/20 minutes before your float time.

We do not want you rushed.  We do not want you distracted. We need your utmost attention during safety presentation, as we are VERY detailed.


Can you swim?

We ask this question several times. If you are not a strong swimmer, you must wear a life vest through the lower rapids.


Load up and have fun!

River tubing is a safe fun summer activity if you pay attention and follow the simple rules provided by Floatery.

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Common things Customers Say

If you are not a strong swimmer and get flipped over in the Lower Rapids you will have trouble getting out of that situation due to the water being VERY deep in that area and the massive flow of water.

ALL Rivers are different.  Regardless if you have tubed a river 30 times or 1 time, you MUST pay attention to all the details given.

We get asked often if they can bring children under 5.  Absolutly not. Again, the beginning of your Tubing Trip includes a few rapids that you have to navigate.  We will never allow any small child to tube with our company. Your safety will always come before profit.