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We offer an excellent outdoor adventure, from providing the equipment needed (with private river access) for your Dan River experience, to a unique camping stay after a hard day of play. Bring out your inner child (in all age groups).  Take the worries of the world away, if only for a day!

Your purchase is helping to Restore a 1931 Motel that has been abandoned for 45+ years!

All proceeds from tubing and camping goes directly to the restoration efforts of Grogans Riverfront, a beautiful , once Motel, that is getting a new lease on life!  She will soon become a Boutique Motel in due time thanks to your support.  More info:   HTTPS://GROGANSRIVERFRONT.COM/

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The perfect combination of outdoor adventure and Unique Camping spots is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It means tubing down the Dan River, all while having a privae campsite (yes, completely possible) as your refuge at the end of the day.  Situated along the river banks of the Dan River. We spray for insects (with natural repellent) so you can enjoy your stay without the bugs paying you a visit. 


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We have over 10 activities available, some of which
are pictured below. For full list please visit the activities section.


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