Riverside Sky Camping along the Dan River in NC, time to elevate your camping  experience
at Floatery

We are a registered Tentsile Campground due to our remote location among many large trees along the banks of the Dan River in Madison, NC.

The Tentsile is a floating “tree tent,” and is the only 3+ person hammock-style shelter on the market that we would use. The shelter has three main tie-outs that meet in the center. The design is centered around a triangle base.  You may be thinking, oh gosh we all are going to sag in the middle, of course not. Tentsile prevents center sag in how they created the intersection of the tie-outs and the triangle base. All three occupants have their own geometric “hammocks” to sleep in.

The main entrance to the shelter is from a triangular hatch at the bottom. On one long edge, there is a zippered door/window sewn into the bug netting that can also be used for access into the shelter.

The Stingray comes with an integrated bug netting and a rain fly, which makes it ideal for Riverside Camping.

Sleeping Capacity

The Stingray is listed as a 3-person shelter with a weight capacity of 880 lbs.  In terms of floor space, you can fit more people inside, so long as you don’t exceed the recommended capacity. People with kiddos, this is a perfect solution for camping out under the stars.  Smaller kids can fit 2-up in one of the three bed chambers, and they would have an absolute blast.

Fun Factor

Speaking about having a blast, this tent has high appeal. It is always the star of the show. With family, it’s a regular tree house, fort, base, or alien spaceship that has sparked all kinds of imaginative play with kiddos.


The Stingray doesn’t sleep like any hammock you may have used, and I’m no fan of hammocks due to the U shape it puts my body in while trying to sleep. The bed chambers are trapezoidal and have a unique lay. Closed-cell foam or inflatable pads are recommended to stay warm beneath you as you are suspended, and the air can get chilly.  Several blankets under you would suffice as well.


The Tentsile shelters can be hung as high as 10/15 ft, we hang ours at about 5/8 ft height.  The rope ladder makes it easy to get in and out of the shelter.