ONLY FLOATERY tubes allowed on our Property / River Access

You are not allowed to meet someone up river and them get out on our property with non issued FLOATERY Commercial Tubes. They have not signed a waiver and our Insurance does not allow this.

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Frequently asked questions about activities at FLOATERY

Saturday and Sunday Only
June 1 – Labor Day:  10 am –  last shuttle is at 2:30 pm
We may also be open during July 4th and Labor Day.  If the weather is going to be nice after Labor Day and there is demand we will stay open until the end of September.

We sanitize each and every tube/tracker/lifevest before your use with a commercial vinegar solution (safe for vinyl).  Certain sunscreens and fabrics the customers wear may leave black hue on the vinyl and/or lifevests, it is not mold or dirt, it is stains that can not be helped in this industry.  All lifejackets are ran through the washing machine, however, they still may have some black stains as mentioned due to repeated use.  It is impossible to get 100% of the dust/dirt off all items, as you are at the river and stagging is on gravel.  When we wipe down the items with the vinegar solution, naturally when sat down for staging the orders, some dirt may stick to the moist vinyl.  Rest assured we care and make sure all items are indeed sanitized and cleaned regularly.

We will issue credit towards the next float times you select in the event of inclement weather. In the event of cancellation or you came on the wrong date, we can not provide a refund or cedit, because you have blocked those times from others.  If we were to give credit you are then blocking others on that new date and costing us those slots at no fault of our company. Please review your tickets and make sure you come on the correct date.  If you think you might not be able to make it, please wait before booking.  Our appologies for this policy, however the software we use charges us with no refund and we can not take on those costs if we are not at fault.

We do have a rinse off station (not a full shower) and changing stations. Our changing stations are the pull around type you may see in department stores, we chose this type because they are off the floor some and allows us to clean after each set of people that use the three stations.

You can store your items in our Changing Room.  Someone is there 24/7 and we have 12 Cameras on the property, including at our takeout area.  All your belongings and cars are safe at our facility.

Be here 15 minutes prior to your booking time so we can go over safety and give you time to get sunscreen on.  It can be a 15 min window before or after your booking time that we leave our location to take you up river. The ride is approx 8 minutes to the drop off location.  If we get a call that someone is 2 or 3 minutes late, we will wait for them, you would want the same done for you.  Do not expect to leave at your EXACT time (although that is always the goal and is the norm), all kinds of things can happen that could potentially set us back, traffic at the river park being one of them.

We are many many miles away from any dams or drop offs that can cause you harm.  We provide our cell number, in case you have questions while on the river.  Our outfitter company has been blessed to not have any river accidents nor rescue calls.  We take your safety as a priority and go over every detail.

You book with us online, we go over the route and any obstacles, we make sure you have our cell number, you float to our private takeout,  we get the tubes and trash up.  Please be on time or 15 minutes prior to your booked time.  If you are late we may not be able to get you on the river that day if we are booked. 

Yes, at time of booking select pay when you arrive.
If you select this option, we will call to verify a correct number was given.  If less people than stated arrive, you will have to pay for the extra person missing.  If you are a no show, you will never be allowed to tube with our company again!  Please dont book if you think you will not be able to attend.  We stay fully booked during the summer season and did the work of cleaning and staging your order prior to your arrival. If we have to miss out on funds and labor time, you will miss out on future fun with our company.

We do have event porta johns that are serviced and cleaned regularly and handwashing stations on site.

Bring water shoes, sunscreen, change of clothes, dry towel, and drink plenty of water due to sun exposure.

Reservations are ALWAYS recommended, as some days we will not have the slots open for walk ins.  Walk ins are not gauranteed a slot.  Please call prior to making the trip.

For the safety of our customers, your pet, and our tubes im sorry to have to say we have a strong NO PETS ALLOWED, NO EXCEPTIONS policy.

On average the float will take 2 to 3 hrs depending on water speed that day.  You are paying for 3hrs on the water, NOT the entire day.  If you are on the water over the alloted time we will have to charge you for another session.  We need the tubes back for sanitation and possible reuse.

Our age limit is 7 yrs of age and up.

In Rockingham county there is no ban on alcohol usage.  However, this isn’t your backyard or your friend’s swimming pool. Therefore, it’s important you follow some rules when you drink and river tube.

Rule #1: Drink responsibly while floating the river, stay hydrated
It’s good to have fun while drinking but every year people die on the river from becoming too intoxicated.  Plus, since you’re going to be out in the hot sun for an extended period of time, you risk dehydration. And of course, drinking is only going further contribute to that. Drink plenty of water.

Rule #2: Glass bottles are not permitted river tubing
Glass bottles are a no-go. You can guess why.

Rule #3: Styrofoam coolers are not permitted river tubing
Styrofoam coolers are literally not built to be taken on a 3-hour lazy river adventure. 

Rule #4: Leave no trace behind when floating the river
Most of us really do care about the environment but sometimes after a few adult beverages, we can get a little careless.  Please bring your trash back with you, leave in the tube or tracker and we will dispose of it, as we have a responsibility to protect the environment and love this river.  If you are caught littering you will be reported to authorities.

Rule #5: NO Rowdy behavior or Drama
River tubing can be adventurous and relaxing but unsafe drinking behavior can also make it dangerous and not a pleasure for other patrons if you get too intoxicated.  NO liquor allowed. We have a zero drama policy and we will make you get off the river if you are reported. If you get rowdy, you will no longer be able to use our facility for tubing, as we are a family friendly property.

We understand things happen, however our shuttle van can only hold a certain amount of people.


Our shuttle van can only hold a certain amount of people.  We need you to be here 15 minutes prior to your booked time slot.  If all slots are booked for the day, we have no way of fitting you in because the shuttle is full for the remainder of the day.  If we are not back to back booked, we may can fit you in, please call if you know you are going to be late so you dont waste your gas and time if there is no way to get you in. We can not issue refund for these tyoe of things, nor credit towards a different day.

River tubing can be adventurous and relaxing! Unsafe drinking behavior can also make it dangerous and not a pleasure for other patrons if you get too intoxicated. We have a zero drama policy and we will make you get off the river if you are reported. If you get rowdy or too intoxicated, you will no longer be able to use our facility for tubing or any other event.  We are very strict on this Policy as we are a family friendly property.