Safe River Tubing with Kids while River Tubing in NC

Why Choose Us?

We dont merely “shuttle you up river”, we care and want you to have an amazing time while with us.  Despite our competitors many rescue calls, including a fatality, adding to the “Tubing is Dangerous” narritive, we have had ZERO incidents with our Tubing and Camping offerings. We are aware accidents can happen and this is why safety will always come first at Floatery.  If done correctly, River Tubing is a safe and exciting Summer activity that many enjoy year after year. Do your research and choose wisely is the best advise when it comes to River Tubing Safety.

Did You Know?

Your purchase is helping to Restore a 1931 Motel that has been abandoned for 45+ years!  
Grogans Tourist Court (Now Grogans Riverfront) was a happening place back in the 1930’s.  Our goal is to bring it back to life with the focus being quality.
Covid hit on the purchase year of late 2020, then inflation took a HUGE toll on the restoration efforts.
This project is self funded and a ton of sweat equity involved, so yes the project takes more time. Every dime we make on Tubing and Camping goes to the restoration efforts of this beautiful building. We call it a labor of love and adore you all for your contribution to the cause.
Thanks to you we were able to add a new roof in 2023 (with the addition of some of our own funds).  You have NO idea how very grateful we are to each of you!  Every year we post where the funds went to keep you all in the loop, as we know some of you are as passionate as we are about this beauty being restored.

How did we Connect?

We were in the Market for a unique tube for our customers. The connecting and keeping up with ropes was a real pain in the booty for most, and harmful for the tubes in general.
Reached out to Fluzzle Tubes and offered to work out the kinks on getting their, already brilliantly designed, tubes into the Rivers. They have been wonderful to work with and open to the idea, given River Tubing is not popular in California where they are located. For this vetting out we got (radious from our locations) exclusivity to these new Commercial Quality Connect tubes and are happy to say the Dealers for the neighboring states. When great minds get together there is no stopping potential.

Why Rebrand?

Formerly Dan River Outfitters and Glamping, why did you rebrand??

You have heard of a Winery, everything to do with wine basically.  Welp we are the River Version of that concept, Floatery!

You float and in due time the accomodations float, entertainment float, and the food will float.  Why not Rebrand?
As a side note, we didnt want to be limited to JUST the Dan River. We have hopes of having floats on the Mayo River as well. Being partnered with some amazing people who can handle our “Outside of the Box” thinking, the sky is the limit for our fledgling business, why not bring the name along on this journey?
If your first River Tubing/Camping trip is amazing, then you are more than likely to give up some screen time to do it again, that is what its all about.

Our Mission

Having a love for the great outdoors, it was always a hassle and some what dangerous to take the task on alone without anything nearby in case of an emergency. We wanted to build an atmosphere that was not packed with campers and a safe place for single people to camp, as well as families. We want all camping to be enjoyed and an escape away from the world.
Unique is our middle name (or it should be) as we will always raise the bar on future experiences when it comes to having fun outside.
The biggest joy we get is seeing everyone having a good time, laughing and sharing stories with minimum phone time. It is like they forget they even have a phone, which is the reason behind this establishment.
Due to all of the above, we are not the cheapest (because we dont pack you in), but we do strive to be the best at what we do.