Widgets Deployable Amphibious Bicycle

Deployable Amphibious Bicycle

Those three words are alone so delicious.  Together, they are delectable. This video makes me glad I started this blog as otherwise, I may have never seen this movie.  If you find yourself bored, make sure to skip to 2 minutes in for the close-ups:

Frankly, this craft sets the bar high.  Modifying a spoked wheel with paddles is a great technique that will pop up in future posts.  One of the best examples of paddlewheel drive that I’ve seen.  My real passion for this vessel is the four deployable mini-hulls, folding down from where a touring cyclist would mount paniers.  It’s just perfect.  

I suppose the only contingency is that your feet get wet, but on many summer days, that could also be the best thing about it.  The oversized fender in the back and blue paint job give it the polish and pride that ices the cake.

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