Widgets $100 Boat: Start Building One Today

$100 Boat: Start Building One Today

I think I found a class of boat after my heart.  The Puddle Ducker Racer, or PDRacer, was designed by David “Shorty” Routh and members of the Lake Conroe Messabouts in Houston, Texas (circa 2003). It is an adaptation of the Bolger Brick, the Mouse, and similar box boats.  The one pictured is Hull #15 “YoHO” built by Ken Salvage.  As described in a Duck Works Magazine article, the boat was designed as a response to a $50 boat race where cheap creative boats of many materials (including a hot tub) were fun to race, but just one time.   Because you could build a boat from anything, the winning boat would remain the boat with the fastest hull.  The PDRacer takes the fun and creativity of the cheap materials try-anything racing class, and makes it fun to actually race by regulating the shape of lower 10″ of the hull.  It’s a boxy, easy to make shape that looks super fun to sail.  Check a video out after the jump…

What’s especially great about this boat class is Here, Mr. Routh has extensively documented both the building process as well documents nearly every PDRacer ever built.  The latest right now is hull #270 “Silkie” which is a PDRacer set up as a smart looking row boat (They’ll take a motor too).  That website is deep and rewarding with lots of photos, and useful articles on a variety of topics, especially in the area of box boats and similar.

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