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Beach Craft of Brazil

Thanks to a friend Jasmine, I recently got to scan these photographs from Brazil circa 1950 (give or take 10 years).  Her Grandfather was a pilot for Panam, a sailor, and photographer. In one of his trips to Brazil he took these pictures.  I am curious to learn more about the sailboats shown here.  They pair gorgeous exotic sails (at least to my eyes), with a simple rectangular keel-less hull that look almost like lashed rafts of logs that have been cut off to angle the bow.  I am completely taken by this set of photos.  Please post more information and links if you know anything, and I will add updates if I can learn more about this history of this vessel type.  I did learn so far the Praia de Iracema, as written on the image, is in Fortaleza, Brazil.     

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Free Fallin’ like Tom Petty

Noreq Free Fall Lifeboat

This little vessel is in a pretty elite class.  It’ll safely drop 19 people 16 meters into the ocean.  Yowza! Pictured is the runt of the litter– big sister can hold 48 people for a fall of 25 meters!  I love the details and styling.

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Tiny Boats Depart for Global Domination in Under One Month

That’s right, the Around In Ten race begins in less than 30 days.  It whittled down to three competitors, a Floridian, a Mainer, and Jerusalemite.  These fellows plan to race around the globe in boats smaller than 10 feet in length.  Steve Rinker, the Mainer (dare I say Mainiac? ) is doing the best job of updating the AIT photo gallery.  Here is his boat The Floating Bear in mid November.  


The Floating Bear.  Steve Rinker (November 17, 2008)

The Floating Bear by Steve Rinker (November 17, 2008)

Of course, if I were planning on sailing around the globe in a tiny boat, I would probably doing much more important things that uploading pictures to the internet.  So I thank Steve for sharing, and cant blame the others.  I hope this all actually works out, it will be fun to keep track.  

Speaking of tiny boats, no word on Tom McNally’s new crossing yet, but he was kind enough to actually comment here on this very blog! My first brush with greatness!

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