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The Weedyak

Fast forward to about 1:30 on this youtube. A funny idea, and it looks like a lesson trying in pulling this kind of thing off. Perhaps the RPMs are way too high and the propellor is just cavitating? Regardless, it doesn’t seem to be doing much. But kudos for the effort!

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Boats Eat Sun

I found a great page of solar boats at  Unfortunately, I cant find information about this boat in particular whose image is posted.  It looks like an insect, but I like its space-ship quality.  The modern trimaran designs of a lot of solar boats prevent the salty look I enjoy in boats.  I appreciate when they go the other way and come out strange, futuristic, and beautiful for the unique shape and efficiency.  

Below is a model of the solar navigator itself. 

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Two Men Cross Pacific on 15,000 Plastic Soda Bottles

©Peter Bennett/Ambient Images (from JUNK blog)   

©Peter Bennett/Ambient Images (from JUNK blog)

This is JUNK, a homebrew boat made of recycled materials, proven in an ocean crossing.  Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Joel Paschal have crossed the Pacific ocean on a raft whose flotation uses the bottle-in-net floatation technique.  In fact, there are 6 individual 30 ft pontoons, lashed together with aluminum masts.  Perched on top is the fuselage of a Cessna airplane as the cabin.  It is square rigged and makes about 2 knots.

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Wooden Answer to Rising Water Levels

Autocanoe under way.  Id like to see a video of this, but it does float!



The Autocanoe under way.



This completely custom boat nests a recumbent bike inside a wood canoe hull.  Apparently built in Port Townsend, WA in 2002, you can purchase plans for $40 from there website where you can also see more pictures.  There is also teensy movie of the Autocanoe on the street.  There is also promise of an electric version as well.  I’m curious if that may yet be on its way…

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Deployable Amphibious Bicycle

Those three words are alone so delicious.  Together, they are delectable. This video makes me glad I started this blog as otherwise, I may have never seen this movie.  If you find yourself bored, make sure to skip to 2 minutes in for the close-ups:

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Welcome to the Floatery

Hi, welcome to the Floatery, a blog about boats and crafts.  Here, I aim to capture and highlight what I find most exciting about boats and boating, stuff like creativity, self-sufficiency, efficiency, and adventure.  In time, I expect my interests and curiosities will define this blog better than any attempts to define it in words right now.  So with that, cast off the lines!

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